Definition of a Hip Hop Car — 5 Accessories It Just Has to Have

We’ve all seen them and we all know what they look like, but do you know the 5 characteristics of a hip hop car than set them apart from all others?

5 Accessories a hip hop car must have to qualify for the street beat are:

1. Theme

50 Cent's Jet Car

Courtesy: Syfy

Yes, you’re building a hip hop car, but that’s not the theme. Every great hip hop car says something about its owner. How you choose to customize your vehicle says as much about you as it does about the car. In other words, a hip hop car is an extension of the owner, not an accessory. In other words, the car illustrates you. Think about your theme as you move through the car and hip hop customize it.

2. Sound System

Yea, who’d a thunk it, you’ve gotta have beats to make a car hip hop. The bigger the speakers, the better the hidden and the more space the stereo decorates below the dash, the better. No, CD’s are no longer an option. Fast forward into this decade and play off a mobile device port or off a data card.

3. Rims

Puff Daddy Rims

Richard Drew / AP
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs poses with his new line of “Sean John Wheels” at the New York International Auto Show on March 24, 2005

Whether they are high profile or low profile, a hip hop car must have rims. Preferably, the bigger the better. Putting an ol’ school car on 32-inchers or a new foreign made high rev. engine on super low profile 26-ers makes is the second step to making either a hip hop car.

4. Custom Paint Job

Chris Brown Lamborghini Custom Paint

Chris Brown’s custom paint job on his 2013 Lamborghini Aventador courtesy of JC Customs.
Photo: World Star Hip Hop

This is where the real creativity takes shape. The options are limitless. The key is to make certain the paint job rolls along with the rims and the interior you’ve selected and that it’s anything but ordinary. If you are wondering, no, standard colors are not an option unless you make it the theme. In other words, you can do white, but you have to really do white, or black, or silver or gray.

5. Custom Interior

Whether you go leather or synthetic, a hip hop car’s interior needs to make a statement in combination with the rims and paint job you’ve selected. How much you customize on the interior says a great deal about just how hip hop the car actually is. Rims, a stereo and a paint job are all relatively painless transformations, but customizing the interior takes both time and creativity.

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