Did 50 Cent Do A Ja Rule to Slowbucks?


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Unless you have been under a huge rock, you are aware about what’s been going on with 50 and Slow from the urban clothing line and rap group Slowbucks. At Summer Jam 2014, while 50 was performing onstage, Slow was beaten up and robbed by a group of guys allegedly affiliated with 50 Cent.

2 days later Slow put out a press conference with XXL Magazine and a lawyer stating he would be taking legal action against all parties involved stating him getting beat up and robbed hurt his brand “Slowbucks”. His lawyer also stated “he is not a thug, he is a businessman” while Slow sat alongside him.

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 Slow posted this pic on Instagram, which has since been deleted, that he was pursuing legal action. 



Since the pic was posted his Instagram has been bombarded with thousands of comments of people who are swearing to never wear or support the brand again. Slowbucks was a brand that was street oriented and taking legal action for street shit that happens is an absolutely no-no. When all you represent is a street lifestyle you have to play be street rules.

It looks like 2004 all over again when 50 had an issue with a popular record label, Murder Inc., and rapper Ja Rule. 50 vowed in the popular beef DVD “I’m gonna put them (Murder Inc. and Ja Rule) out of business.” The label would end up  on the losing end and would eventually become cold as ice after beefing with 50 Cent. 

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Will Slowbucks end up like Ja Rule and Murder Inc. after their clash with 50 Cent?

Rapper Saigon states “I just don’t understand it, makes you wonder where his homies are. Where’s the guy who supposed to tell that was not a good move?” 

Saigon, who was an early supporter of Slowbucks, has recently started his own clothing line, SavvyAndIntelligent. It will be available for purchase online and in stores soon. 

Question of the Day: Did 50 Cent Ja Rule Slowbucks?

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