Drug Lord Manhunt: Footage of ‘El Chapo’s’ Escape



We told you yesterday that notorious Mexican drug kingpin, Joaquín Guzmán or “El Chapo” escaped from a maximum security prison, again for the the second time and, now, we have footage of the kingpin escaping.

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The footage shows Chapo at 8:51 PM on Saturday coming out the shower, then walking over to a bench where he takes a seat for a little while and then it shows him darting back to the shower where he then escapes down a whole he cut in the shower floor. HA! Quite brilliant if you ask us and shame on the prison! He’s proved to the world before that bars can’t hold him and you let him get away, AGAIN!

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Chapo is still at large and there are no leads on his whereabouts and to keep it a buck, we doubt they’ll find him.

Check out the video below and SHARE this story, in case your peeps see Chapo and decide to be a snitch.

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