CLEAR IT UP: App That Let’s You Erase Social Media History


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Trying to get a new job or just want to clean up your act, but wish there was away to erase all those Titty Tuesday pictures you posted 2 years ago or erase that Kanye-like rant you did on twitter rant you went on about Nike 6 months ago? No need to worry anymore, there’s a new app that “clear’s” up all your social media history. Clear is an app created by Ethan Czahor, that allows you to erase all your social media history without deleting your account. He came up with app after his twitter feed was taking out of context when applying for a job.

After graduating college, I moved to West Hollywood to study improv comedy at The Groundlings. I used my Twitter feed to test material, all of which was humorous and well-intended within the context of my community. Several years and career changes later, after having success in the startup world and battling Lyme disease, I landed my dream job: CTO of Jeb Bush’s political operations. Unfortunately, my Twitter feed was unearthed, spun completely out of context to make me appear as someone I am certainly not, and I lost my job. I created Clear to make sure situations like mine never happen to anyone ever again.

What are your thoughts on the app? Anything you want to “Clear” up?

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