Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About A$AP Ferg’s Response To His “Forthcoming” Album


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A$AP Ferg might have to own up to taking a pretty hefty L yesterday, as the rapper misunderstood a music blogger who tweeted about his “forthcoming” album. After news came out about the Harlem rapper’s next studio album, and the blogger tweeted the news, Ferg responded with confusion, believing that the word “forthcoming” meant that it was his 4th album, not his next one. Correcting the blogger, Ferg informed him of the potential mistake, while the media member continued on to explain to him that “forthcoming” actually meant upcoming, rather than correlating with the number four.

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Ferg has since deleted the tweets, but social media got hold of the tweets quickly, which then went viral. The damage had been done, and Twitter didn’t hold back on poking fun at Ferg for his vocabulary mistake. Tons of users tweeted out the hashtag #fourthcoming, and some even encouraged the rapper to drop some new music from the project so he could use the publicity to his advantage. Some even said that the incident was helpful, as they were uninformed that the A$AP Mob member was planning on dropping an album in the near future. It looks like all eyes are on Ferg, and his next album will certainly be on people’s minds, #fourthcoming or not.

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A$AP Ferg #Fourthcoming Twitter

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