For the Love of Art: Swizz Beatz’s Art-Filled Instagram Will Inspire You

When you think of hip hop, a picture of Swizz Beatz should be plastered on the forefront of our beloved culture. And if you’re going to use a picture of Swizz, you should let the highly-touted producer sketch his own portrait. For years, Swizz has been enamored with art culture and even delved into painting as well. While a lot of artists try to emulate the Picassos, Swizz actually dives headfirst by taking a crack at the canvas. If you check out his Instagram, Swizz is showing love to all of the artists in the world while also promoting his own. With Swizz ready to make noise at Art Basel in December, he decided to infuse his love for music and art by developing a three-day concert series featuring Alicia Keys, DMX, and more. December is just right around the corner from now so get inspired by the great Swizz Beatz and his love for art and talented artists.


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Credit: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Check out Swizz Beat’s art-filled Instagram that will leave you a lover of all things art.


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