Rich The Kid Exposed By His Wife For Cheating with Instagram Models, Including Blac Chyna

Rich The Kid Exposed By His Wife For Cheating with Instagram Models, Including Blac Chyna

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Rich The Kid has been making waves with his music as of late. His singles “Plug Walk” and “New Freezer” have been popping off, only adding to the hype that’s been building around his upcoming debut album, The World Is Yours, which is set to drop March 30.

Behind this glamorous moment in his career, drama is unfolding in his personal life. On Monday, March 19, Rich The Kid’s alleged wife Elle (AKA Lady Luscious) apparently got into his phone and exposed Rich for creeping with other women while being married.

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It looks as though Elle was able to get into Rich The Kid’s phone and go through his call log and text messages. After finding incriminating evidence on both, she took screenshots and threw them up on Rich’s Instagram account. The screenshots included a call log that showed FaceTime calls to contacts that Rich’s wife claims to be Instagram models Miracle Watts and Tori Brixx. There was also a screenshot of what looks like Rich offering to buy Louis Vuitton shoes for Miracle, and another that shows Rich denying that he’s married to a contact alleged to be IG model India Love. In the caption of the photo series, Elle writes the following:

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Married but been f**king @miraclewatts00 talking to @toribrixx and @indialove doesn’t care that he’s married shes down as long as you keep it real from the start oh and @blacchyna been getting f**ked by rich too @ybnalmightyjay was just the cover up all y’all b***hes can suck a d**k and die this is his wife @ttladyluscious we live together and have two kids you buying flights for @briamyles @miraclewatts00 lol really but don’t spend time with your kids”

Elle didn’t forget to hit up Rich’s Instagram story either. Here’s what she wrote on it:

“This is his wife who he calims he’s not married to just letting y’all know I’m filing a divorce #noprenup took all the money out your bag since you want to trick and spend money on hoes but I been down for 5 years and we been married for two FOH Since you not married little dumb a** b***h”

I need to know if you're down now 'Cause if not, I know there's more around

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To a fresh set of eyes, this drama may seem out of left field, but Rich The Kid’s drama with his wife has been documented as early as 2016. In an interview with The Shade Room way back when, Elle alleges that Rich The Kid has abused her physically and verbally, and that he has cheated on her multiple times. In the interview, its reported that Elle had filed for divorce and that the two had already separated. Taking this into consideration, Rich’s current situation seems like a pot being stirred rather than beans being spilled.

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Even if this is old news, Rich The Kid might still be in his feelings about it. Shortly after his Instagram was infiltrated, Rich The Kid sent out a tweet that definitely seems like it’s related to the incident. See the tweet below.

Regardless of how this ordeal turns out, Rich The Kid will probably be too focused on securing the bag to be shook from his place in hip-hop’s limelight. His album drop at the end of March is already a lot to look forward to, so he might as well wipe those tears with blue hundreds.

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