Rihanna Attacked By The Hacks

Rihanna launches ‘Rogue by Rihanna’


The hackers are back and taking names–and the list just seems to be getting longer and longer. The latest victim to have her nudes leaked onto the web is hip-hop “it” girl, Rihanna. That’s right, our beloved RiRi!

Yesterday, Sept. 20th, we received news that Kim Kardashian, Hope Solo, and Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photos were being leaked over the web, and today we got the next round. Aside from Rihanna, this bout of images includes Meagan Good from NBC’s Deception, Zombieland’s Amber Heard, and Abigail Spencer from Oz the Great and Powerful.


RiRi’s photos were found on popular websites 4chan and Reddit before being taken down by the sites. One photo showed a censored version of her breasts, and the second one featured her bare butt and nipple, reports Hollywood Life.

This violation of privacy is unethical and needs to stop. Sources report that the hacker released a list of 100 celebrity names who’s personal photos they claim to have in their possession. Rihanna’s name was on that list, so who knows who’s going to be next?

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