Shyne Shoots Jabs At Slowbucks

Photo Credit: BET

Photo Credit: BET

Nas is on tour overseas and has evidently linked up with rapper Shyne. Shyne released a picture of the two looking to be in deep conversations.

Shyne would then send out a few shots towards Slow of Slowbucks. During this year’s Summer Jam, Slow was a victim of a robbery that took place right on stage. I guess it didn’t sit well with Shyne-Po who had this to say on Instagram:

“How U been so hot for 20 years my G ? @nasnyc #backstage,”

“& how that bum a** n++ got his chain snatched at summer jam? He can’t be from queens bridge…. #QB# #lake @nasnyc the g*d #illmatic 20 years”

“Then they kicked him down the stairs in front of his girl esco, U was performing tho….. Esco, my g, U can’t let him come back to queens tho…. #illmatic #20 years all time greats”

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Slowbucks has yet to respond.

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