“Sorry Mrs Carter” Rapper LIV Spills The Beans About Alleged JayZ Affair


Source: You Tube

Rapper LIV has dropped a 4 minute song, over OutKast’s Sorry Mrs Jackson track, detailing an alleged affair with Beyonce’s man.

The drawn out song includes details revealing the Roc Nation head honcho asking her to be his mistress but she refused.

“Got my name in the news , Sayin things I aint do, Side chick, Neva! Mistress Who? Ya’ll misinformed, got it misconstrued. I’ll be a lonely chick before I be a #2 “

The stunning female rapper admits that her and the rapper grew extremely close, stating;

“We connected on some Hip Hop shit. He could be his self around me and he dig that shit”

Although she also claims  to have never  had any sexual contact with Mr Carter, she mentions in her lyrics that when she walked away, she took a piece of his heart. The Carters have yet to respond but I have a feeling  this has something to do with the infamous “Elevator Incident“. Could this be who Beyonce was referring to in her single Bow Down and in recent Flawless remix featuring Nicki Minaj?

Hmmm, with all this speculation swilling about, I’m sure more info about this situation will surface within the coming days . Check out the video below:

[youtube clipid=”CLbs1m9M5UM#t=48″ autoplay=”0″]

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