This is First Lady is a Certified Trap Queen

Nancy Reagan Pays Respects To President Reagan At The Capitol

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Last week, Ronald Reagan’s wife and former first lady Nancy Reagan, died at 94 because of congested heart failure. While many weeped, others poked fun at her passing considering she and her husband play integral roles in the crack epidemic in the 80’s. A petition was made asking Fetty Wap to even perform at Reagan’s funeral and perform  “Trap Queen” in her memory. One person who took advantage of the influx of drugs being pushed into the U.S., was none other than Freeway Rick Ross. He spoke with HipHopDX, and explained why he believed that Nancy Reagan was indeed a trap queen.

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Ronald was one of the biggest conspirators in the country ever. So, she definitely was a trap queen because she held him down, from what I can understand. Any time he was put on the spot, she took care of him.

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She was a trap queen. When you look at the big picture, a lot of people only want to blame the guys on the street. They don’t want to blame the real kingpins, the people who never saw the drugs, never touched the drugs, but who gave the OK to push ‘em through. They never blame those guys. They only blame the guys that are standing out on the street corner who are easiest to arrest and the easiest to prosecute. The guys that are hard to prosecute and hard to arrest, they continuously get away with the biggest crimes of all.

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