WTF Philadelphia!? Get Your $H!T Together

Meek Mill at Roc Nation Curates Samsung Exclusive Concert Featuring Meek Mill, Fabolous, Vic Mensa, Casey Veggies and DJ Mustard

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Philly has been struck by a slew of tragedies as of late. It’s hard to fathom how one city can handle so much pain and anguish. While it’s hard to grasp how a city can be mangled by deaths, beefs, and tragedies, we firmly believe that Philly can climb up from the pits of oblivion and one day succeed again.

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For a while, Philly struggled with finding a marquee artist to fill the shoes of a Cassidy, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, etc. That was up until Meek Mill crashed the scene. The rapper’s swag and bravado propelled the city back into prominence. The boy proved he could contend with his contemporaries without a problem. That was up until he was pummeled by Drake. Soon after, his raps were out shadowed by his social media antics. The man who was rapping Philly, was letting his city become a laughing stock in hip hop. With his city lacking star power, Meek needs to drop the most fire project in order to prove that he and his city aren’t losers.

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Now, Beanie Sigel — the heart of the city — is pulling away from his hometown because of their inappropriate behavior at his concert, which resulted in comedian Katt Williams being stomped out. Why did it have to go there? Why couldn’t people behave civilly? We understand that this city is struggling and is one of the most impoverished places to live in America, but we have to do better, guys. It’s sad when a rising star from Philly, like a Dion Waiters, who constantly holds fund-raisers for his city, has to watch his younger brother get brutally shot and killed. That’s not fair. No one should have to go through that.  He shouldn’t have to mourn his brother’s death, dip his caskets six feet under, and say his final goodbyes. Forget the underwhelming sport teams in Philly like the 76ers and the Eagles, and let’s understand that lives are being taken. Kids are dying. Hoop dreams are deflated because bullets are changing the outcomes of these kids’ destinies. Why should we allow that to happen? Philly, we have to do better. SHARE this with your friends.

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