EXCLUSIVE: DJ Mars Talks About His New Book ‘The Art Behind The Tape’

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On touring the world and architecture:
I would say two of the coolest places on the list of places I been to so far is a toss-up between Africa and Japan. Africa clearly because it’s the motherland, so that goes without saying. The history and the fact that I’m back in Africa, and that my music has taken me back home. #2 has to go to Japan. Tokyo and Asian Culture is like Times Square on a trillion. The technology over there and the humility of the people makes you come back home and look at American society, kind of different. Those are my two favorite places to travel. If I had to give you a strong #3, it would be Europe. There’s so much history in Europe. You can walk down a street in any particular city and walk by a castle or a building that’s 200-300 years old. Then one block away is an extremely modern building that just looks incredible. It’s a dope mixture of history and the future in one setting, in one block. If you compare that to America, it’s different. Our cities are no more than 150 years old. NYC didn’t exist 200 years ago, so there’s no buildings that old. It’s not like how it is in Paris.

I have not gone to Antarctica. That’s the only continent on the planet I haven’t DJed on. It may be impossible, but if you asked me to spin somewhere there, I would say Hell Yeah!

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