EXCLUSIVE: DJ Mars Talks About His New Book ‘The Art Behind The Tape’

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On his favorite part of The Art Behind the Tape:
Because I’m a DJ, my favorite part of the book was the interview process with the DJs. We have over 90 interviews with other DJs, from DJ Hollywood to DJ A-Trak, and the stories that you hear from the different DJs are so incredible. Hollywood talking about his early days as a DJ before there even was such a thing called hip-hop. He was taking us back to when he was DJaying playing disco music and funk crates. All the way up to DJ A-Trak telling us how when he was a kid he would come to New York City to come up to Harlem to buy mixtapes. Now this is DJ A-Trak, the super huge EDM act that tours in front of audiences of over 50K people. He’s telling me that used to go to Harlem to get DJ SNS mixtapes because SNS was one of his favorite mixtape DJs. When you hear those kind of stories and you put the stories together with the artwork, you tell the visual and audio story of the mixtape game. So to answer your question, it’s the interviews that I love the most. But the whole overall book, I’m just proud to bring it to the masses.
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