G Unit Disses Game, Tony Yayo Calls Him “A Snake That Won”

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This week G Unit stopped by New York’s Hot 97 radio station to kick it with Ebro in the Morning Show about their new album The Beauty of Independence. Amongst all the topics that was discussed the highlights in the video is when the Unit touched on the excluded members of G Unit, Game, Hot Rod and Olivia. Yayo took the liberty to address some of the questions concerning rapper Game.

“I just feel like with the Game thing y’all know what it is,” Tony Yayo said. “He was messing with Jimmy Henchman. It’s deeper than rap. Y’all keep asking that dumb question. When his OGs just had Feds knocking at my door. It’s like the industry y’all don’t get it. It’s the streets. Y’all don’t get it…My views of the industry is there’s a lot of snakes in it. Game was a snake that won. It was perfect timing for him. G-Unit was blowing. Understand? 50 was in the studio with Dre. He was in a little studio…We helped him. So, it’s like G-Unit we always the bad guys, but nobody ever see what anybody else does.”

The morning show then asked G Unit member Lloyd Banks about Bobby Shmurda’s  new song Hot Nigga  which was actually a Llyod Banks song Jackpot released a while back. Banks replied with,

“I’m glad you asked me that. Listen man, I don’t got no percentage of hate in me. You understand? I’m just gonna tell you honestly I was happy for him. When I seen it initially they was having fun, man. They didn’t know that was gonna happen,” Banks said.

The young rap phenom recently signed to Sony Records by Sha Money XL (Sony) ,who 50 Cent says is also a disgruntle . 50 stated that he is unsure of why Sha Money has an issue with him and that it may have stemmed from him no longer being “financially comfortable.”

“With Sha Money, what’s Sha Money’s issue with me? I think he’s not as comfortable as he used to be and I’m still financially comfortable in every way possible,”

said the Jamaica Queens rapper.

“So, I become the culprit in that situation. I think afterwards it looks like ‘Okay, we just going separate ways.’ Until you don’t continue to have the success. And then it starts to feel like it’s something different…If a person does something and they show you that they don’t—This is the way they are.”

Overall G unit seems to be in a really good place, and plans to systematically release new material off of the newly rejuvenated G Unit Records. Check out the video below

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