Fabolous Says He’s Sometimes “Sick of this generation”

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We all know rapper Fabolous for his sharp wit and jokes when it come to Twitter. In the recent past, Fab has even caught some slack for posting funny memes and making fun of trending topics on Twitter and other social media outlets, sometimes making other celebrities the bud of his jokes.

Yesterday it seems, was a little different. The rapper who has been relatively quiet in the media lately took to Twitter to vent about social trends driven by the media and here’s what he had to say.

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The Brooklyn Rapper then addressed the death of Joan Rivers that has been trending in the media saying,

“For instance all these RIP Joan Rivers shout-outs.. Do u hav remorse or care for her death or just doin it cuz it’s cool to do?”

Fab then unleashed a series of tweets to clarify his earlier comments.

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Fab then followed with his rant with a few jewels to his audience, stating that it’s cool not to like everything everyone else likes, which prompted his original comment quoted below.

“Such a follow, do what everybody else think is cool so that’s what ima do generation…Shit is sick”

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Rapper Fabolous Dodged A Bullet…Literally.

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