Lil Nas X Has A PSA For His Fellow Homosexuals

Very flashy, flamboyant rapper Lil Nas X went to twitter today and tweeted something were still trying to decipher. Fresh off his win at the Iheartradio awards, where the self proclaimed “delusional” rapper won for Male Artist Of The Year, Nas X went to twitter with a message. He tweeted, ‘straight men are expressing themselves too much now. it so hard to tell who is gay. i need my fellow homosexuals to become gayer.’

I don’t know exactly how a homosexual man can become ‘gayer,’ or why it’s so hard for Nas X to tell who is gay; but we’ve been up here trying to figure it out. However, what wasn’t so vague was the brilliant speech Lil Nas X gave while picking up his award. He referenced to a Tik Tok user who encouraged people to not be afraid to be delusional. And as crazy out it sounded, it was a reflection of his career thus far.

Lil Nas X Speech

‘That didn’t make sense to me,” he said. “And then I thought about it and I wouldn’t be where I am right now in my life and career if I weren’t delusional.

“Believing that I could drop out of school and become an international success within a year, it’s delusional. Believing that I could come out of the closet in the height of my career…to think that I could do that would be delusional,” he continued.

“To think that I could make a song about a man lusting after another man in a world where…it’s still legal in many places to be prosecuted and actually be killed for being who you are, for being gay, it’s delusional to think that that song could be the number one song in the world.”

He finished with, “It’s OK to be delusional when you’re chasing your dreams. When you have a vision in mind, you can be delusional.”

The speech was amazing. However, were still trying to understand the tweet. 

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