50 Cent and The Game Trade Verbal Blows Over Jimmy Iovine Snub

50 Cent and The Game Trade Verbal Blows Over Jimmy Iovine Snub

Last night, during a Laker game, rapper The Game and Interscope head honcho, Jimmy Iovine, appeared to cross paths. Now whether the two man seen each other or not hasn’t quite been determined. But the way it appears is as if Jimmy didn’t even make eye contact with the rapper and just walked by him. The Game did chat briefly with the gentleman walking with Iovine, but it seemed Jimmy just wanted to get to his seat. 

Apparently, someone in he crowd recorded the encounter, and by the time the video made it’s rounds on social media, a narrative was born. The narrative being Jimmy must somehow be offended at The Game’s recent comments on Drink Champs. During The Game’s recent interview up at the popular Drink Champs podcast, The Game made the statement that Kanye West has done more for him in the last two weeks than Dr. Dre has never done for him his whole career. If you know you stuff, you”ll remember, it was Dr. Dre who signed the young upstart to his Aftermath Records in 2003. It was Jimmy Iovine’s Interscope Records that was the parent company of Aftermath. Lastly, Iovine and Dre are partners in Beats by Dre headphones.

50 Cent and The Game ….. AT IT AGAIN

Maybe people were reaching, maybe not! However, there was one person we know will never fail to seize this type of opportunity to add his 2 Cents. (No Pun Intended). The man known as Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson wasted no time taking to IG to address the situation. 50 and The Game had a longstanding feud that had seemed to die down until recently. I guess it’s safe to say it’s fully reignited. “

Let’s see if 50 Cent will delete this comment and The Game suggested he would.

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