Love Sosa: Is This Chief Keef’s Baby?

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Chief Keef is one the rappers often associated with the youth and gang senseless violence in Chicago. The artist, who many claim is the face of Drill music and the Chiraq scene, has been trying his best to change his image as of late. Unfortunately, though Sosa has undeniably calmed down and changed his life around, his reputation continues to follow him. If the rumors are true about the 300 rapper, it looks like he might have to change to be a better role model for his son.
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According to TMZ, it turns out Chief Keef might have a baby in Kentucky. A female fan named Lauren claims the rapper is her 2 month old son’s father. In return, she is filing for child support for the infant and claims the artist used to fly her out to hang out every so often. Chief Keef posted a picture of the baby with the caption “White Sosa,” but mysteriously took it down. We’re assuming his legal team made him delete the picture, because they are fighting the woman’s paternal claims.
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