Maino Says He Likes To Play The Role Of A Slave With White Women

Maino Says He Likes To Play The Role Of A Slave With White Women

Maino Says He Like To Play The Slave Role

While visiting Angela Yee’s Lip Service Podcast, Rapper Maino disclosed some information about what he likes to do in his bedroom. He said,  “I like to play a disobedient slave with a white woman,” when asked what are some of his sexual fantasies. 

He would elaborate even further after being asked fr more details. “You’re massa’s wife and I just got whooped by him,” he said. “and the whole time I been eyeballing you and you eyeballing me and I’m gonna come all sweaty after just getting whooped, and you’re going to say, ‘No, Billy-Joe, no. Massa’s not gonna like it. And I’m like, ‘You know you want it lady.’

The comment section on The Shade Room and The Neighborhood Talk is on FIRE right now. According to HipHopDx, the comment section looks crazy. “Angela Yee gotta be druggin’ her guest lol these rappers get on there and forget they being recorded lol.” He added, “First Ol boy said his mama taught him how to kiss and now this.” Other comments included, “This just set us back at LEAST 540 years” and “Certain things should be kept to ourselves and this is one of them because wtf.”

Maino later popped up alongside Jim Jones, who is the aforementioned person referred to as “Ol Boy” in the comments. However, he and suggested that he was just joking during the podcast. The rapper claimed “it never happened” and suggested people cant take a joke. 

What is the internet doing to us? Now we have to envision Maino as a slave? Noooo

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