Alleged “Gay” Dog Adopted By Gay Couple in NC

Alleged “Gay” Dog Adopted By Gay Couple in NC

Yes, you read it correctly! A dog who was reported to have been abandoned by previous owners for being “gay” was adopted by gay couple. The 50 lb dog, Fezco, had been abandoned after his owners saw him humping another male pooch and feared he might be gay.  As absurd as this may sound, its a true story. 

A North Carolina family who previously owned the dog dropped him off at the Stanly County Animal Protective Services, a shelter in Albemarle, NC which was seeking a foster home and a new family for Fezco, WCCB reported. The shelter said the family just couldn’t tolerate the dog mounting another male dog, a common canine behavior that is not necessarily sexual in nature; so they gave him up.

It wasn’t long before the calls started coming in. The lucky new owner of Fez are Steve Nichols and his partner John of North Carolina.

Alleged Gay Dog Adopted

According to TMZ, he and his longtime partner, John, adopted Fezco Tuesday after hearing the story about him getting abandoned by his former human parents … all because they caught him humping another male pooch. The couple also opted to change the dogs name. And because they also have faced discrimination in their own lives, they feel it was fate of some sort. The dog was reported to have been in bad condition upon receiving, him Nichols stated. He hadn’t been neutered and he also had worms. 

Nichols says they’ve actually gone ahead and renamed Fezco, now calling him “Oscar” instead of his old moniker. We’re told they chose that to honor the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde — who was also gay.

What a story! The nerve of that family. Lastly, were happy the alleged “gay” dog got adopted.

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