Mike Tyson Hugs Man Who Pulls Gun Out In Club

Mike Tyson Hugs Man Who Pulls Gun Out In Club

Mike Tyson was in Hollywood Tuesday night attending a comedy show when things almost took a major turn for the worst. TMZ obtained video footage of Mike Tyson sitting front row enjoying the show. Suddenly a band dressed in black can be seen approaching the stage. Ultimilately the guy makes his way over towards where Mike Tyson was sitting. It’s been reported that the man was actually challenging Mike and his buddies to a fight. Tyson didn’t entertain the obvious clout chaser, which seemingly pissed him off even more. 

When the host of the night told the guy to beat it, he reportedly took things to another level. This pissed off the guy challenging Mike … who threatened to shoot the host, and then pulled out a gun from his waistband and cocked it in front of everyone. Naturally, everyone gasped and started ducking under tables. Everyone besides Mike who according to TMZ, remained cool as a fan. 

Mike Tyson Hugs Man Who Wanted Violence

He immediately must’ve realized how dumb of a mistake he was making brandishing a weapon in front of all those people. The guy approached Mike a second time, this time with a different energy. He asked Mike not to call the police and seemed to be wanting to make amends. Mike actually hugged the man; at which point he finally left without further incident. 

At this point other patrons started to leave the club, apparently still concerned for their safety. Mike Tyson left soon after as well. 

What the hell is wrong with people these days? One thing we know for sure, Hugs are important. I was once told HUGS stands for Helps Us Grow Spiritually!

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