Social Media Backlash Forces Under Armour to Pull “Band of Ballers” T-Shirt

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Sportswear company, Under Armour ,was recently under fire after releasing, what we think, is a sports and dope version on the infamous WWII battle of Iwo Jima. Titled as the “Band of Ballers,” the T-Shirt depicts street ballers erecting a basket ball hoop and the social media backlash occurred with the sentiment that Under Armour finds it disrespectful to veterans and military in active duty alike. One twitter user went as far to say:

I like a lot of Under Armour apparel, but whoever designed this T-shirt needs to be fired

Personally, we don’t see anything wrong with the image; in fact, HHMW looks at it as sign and an ode to our past and present soldiers, but we also understand how this image can be interpreted the wrong way.

Following the backlash, Under Armour took to Twitter and said:

Under Armour has the utmost respect and admiration for active duty service men and women and veterans who have served our country,” the company said. “We deeply regret and apologize the release of a shirt that is not reflective of our commitment to support & honor our country’s heroes.

What are your thoughts on the image? Do you think Under Armour went to far or is the backlash simply blown out of proportion.

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