The Power Of Hip-Hop

   Hip hop has and might always be the biggest voice for the voiceless. Hip hop was started in the ghetto and It will always belong to the ghetto. Anyone from anywhere can enjoy our music, dance steps, and fashion. Hip-hop is for everyone’s entertainment and listening pleasure, but it belongs to the ghetto. The rap artist captures the ear of millions of people. The rapper has been a spokesmen for urban opinion on every relevant issue of the last 44 years.

Hip hop artist spoke on apartheid, safe sex (when AIDS was a global crisis), the tragic injustice for Yusef Hawkins, Rodney King, Sean Bell, or Trayvon Martin. Rappers put their heads to the mic in support of Stanley “Tookie” Williams (May he Rest in Peace). Our rappers let the world know that we felt that Mike Tyson and Tupac were framed by money hungry whores. Hip-hop artist created lyrical campaigns in support of Barack Obama. Rappers are letting the world know that we want Larry Hoover home. Hip-hop makes sure that our opinions and passions are heard and felt globally.

Secret Weapons

      The rappers are the Frontline voices of our culture. However, it wouldn’t happen without the secret weapons that fight for rappers to be allowed the platform to be heard. There are the big weapons that we celebrate constantly. We’ve praised Russell Simmons, James Prince, Karl Kani, Spike Lee, Teri Woods, and so many other trailblazers for kicking down doors. It’s the secret weapons that we don’t celebrate enough. We love when a block is named after a slain rapper but we are clueless in tears to the city council member who took our desire to the round table.

Every time you hear your favorite song on the radio understand that there is a radio promotion rep who traveled the country tirelessly fighting program directors, music directors and D.J’s to play the record. It was congresswoman Maxine Waters who fought the FEDs to stop following and harassing James Prince !!  I can name countless examples of “secret weapons” of the culture. God bless the publicist and activist who fight to keep our issues on the table. I know plenty of them. I need for you to know about one of my favorites – Steph Carnegie. 

THE HWIC – Steph Carnegie

  As CEO of Carnegie PR , Steph Carnegie was one of the hottest publicist in the hip-hop community for a number of years. A lot of you may not know what a publicist actually does. A publicist handles public relations for a public figure. Pro athletes, entertainers, politicians, authors and media personalities need publicity to raise awareness. They need press. Public figures need radio, TV, blog, magazine, newspaper, and podcast interviews to let everyone know what they have going on. Recording artist host listening parties to give radio  DJs and media  journalist a sneak peek at the album. A great review for an album is always a plus. These are examples of things that a great publicist tries to arrange for an artist. One of the benefits of getting signed to a major corporation is access to their public relations department.

Established mega stars can afford to give super-publicist, such as Lizzie Grubman, a humongous check to keep their media campaigns poppin’! Steph was the answer for artist who were Poppin’ on the street , but short of a passionate publicist to keep them buzzin’ in the press. She worked with the likes of Maino, Uncle Murda, Wildin’ out girl Justina Valentine,  Lil Cease, Wyclef Jean, DJ Ted Smooth  and so many others. Steph was a relentless machine who breathed that same spirit onto her staff at Carnegie PR. Steph is an NYC P.R legend. 

Dedication To Self Care

          A great mind never rest. Steph’s sense of mission inspired her to create Totality Wellness. Totality Wellness is an organization dedicated to fitness. Not just physical fitness but mental health and spiritual fitness. Needless to say, this is an underserved area of community development. Steph poured heart and mind into this service. Totality Wellness has annually  hosted the Totality Wellness Back to School drive, Totality Wellness Toy and Coat Drive, Food Fitness and Faith day, and has also held a Celebration of Wellness panel. Steph Carnegie was also a co-producer the documentary : Ring The Alarm the Untold Crisis of child suicide. Steph Carnegie also launched the Total Wellness luxury self care line. She also hosted a show called A Seat on the couch which was a platform where guest could discuss social ills.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams appeared on the show and have very profound opinions. Steph Carnegie did all above the above while working as a youth mentor. Steph has advocated for bills to be passed through Congress. She is the NYC ambassador for the National Alliance of Mental illness. I have lost count of all of the awards that Steph has one. Steph currently co host a radio show The Morning Influence alongside Tany Talks on Monday from 10am -12pm @party 1019radio on iHeartRadio.

     Some of you hardcore hip-hoppers  may have read the above and perceived that Steph has outgrown hip hop. That’s nuts!! Steph accomplished all of this and still served as a manager, promoter, and/or event planner at some of the slickest hip- hop nightspots in Brooklyn. 


     Steph Carnegie appears to be superwoman, but she is human. She has endured personal heartbreaks, false starts , and health scares. In 2023 she was diagnosed with Coronary heart disease. Steph kicked into warrior mode and kicked her health/fitness regimen into high gear! She found spiritual cure in daily affirmations, scriptures, and poems. This compelled Steph to write her first book entitled  A Piece of My Heart :a little book of affirmationsquotesand scriptures by Stephanie Carnegie. 

   This book has powerful words that we need to lock into our minds and hearts. We have to go into our stash and recite these words whenever need be. We all go through tough times, breakups, health scares, lay offs, and loss of loved ones. In the hip hop reality we also go through “lock ups” and dry spells on the ave. Regardless of whatever sticking point you are faced with these words will motivate you and people you forward . Let Stephanie Carnegie be your secret weapon.


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