Latto Explains The Meaning of Big D*ck Energy 

Latto Explains The Meaning of Big D*ck Energy 

As the original version of the song “Big Energy” makes it’s surge toward the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, rapper Latto has enlisted a major heavyweight for the remix to make sure this happens. Legendary vocalist Mariah Carey has added her legendary pipes to the remix. It shouldn’t be a surprised if the song is at number #1 by the time this article goes to press. 

While the song uses the words “big dick energy” all throughout, the rapper insists that the term has nothing to do with the male organ. She told Variety, “It’s a cool way to bring self-love back into the community and to women, specifically,” she continued. “When you make these uplifting songs, people think it has to be corny and it doesn’t… It can be in a cool way where you don’t even realize you’re practicing self-love when you listen to this song but you are in a fun, exciting, fresh way.Latto Big D*ck Energy

Latto Explains Big D*ck Energy

“Women can have big dick energy, it has nothing to do with what’s in your pants — it’s a confidence, it’s an aura. It’s just believing in yourself and not letting anyone change your mind about yourself.”

Latto also expressed much gratitude after working with the legend Mariah Carey on the song. She called Carey an uplifting spirit and concluded that she was grateful for the experience. She also was thankful for the advice the veteran shared with her. Let’s see how fast this remix shoots to #1. With the star power of not only Mariah, but DJ Khaled (whose presence has blessed the track), it shouldn’t take long.  

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