Kodak Black Says Latto Is ‘Full Of Sh*t’ Says Nobody Tried to Smash

Kodak Black Says Latto Is ‘Full Of Sh*t’ Says Nobody Tried to Smash

During a press run for her new album, 777, rapper Latto visited Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show where she expressed some issues.  She claimed she had been having trouble getting clearances from a specific male artist for her album. The rapper claimed a certain rapper didn’t want to clear his verse because she wouldn’t respond to his DM.

She said, “Like I’m clearing my album right now and it’s been difficult to deal with these men. They don’t know how to keep it business… It’s a feature on my album it was difficult to clear. They tryna drop they nuts on me because I won’t respond to a DM.”

The internet immediately assumed she was referring to Kodak Black. However, Kodak swiftly went to social media to deny these claims.

“That Mulatto Girl IS NOT Talkin Bout Me Homie,” he tweeted. “I See Y’all Steady Reachin Lol … Shawty Ain’t Even Say A N-gga Name On Dat Shit Ion Know Why Tf Y’all Tryna Make A N-gga Wear Dat Jacket I’m Too Fly Fa Dat Shit Homie.”

Whether she was talking about Kodak or not, his engineer Dyryk felt compelled to speak up and defend his partner Kodak. 

Kodak Black Patna’ Says Latto is Full Of Shit

“Let me fill you in on what this bullshit with @latto777 is all about,” he wrote. “She asked for a feature a while back. We charged her our normal rate and she wanted a swap. Since her verse won’t really do anything for us, we asked for a swap for our female artist and charged her substantially less. She declined and said she was going to not use the record. Out of the blue she decided to accept a higher fee and still not offer a swap for our artist. Talk about empowering fellow female rapper.”

He added “You try to assassinate my brothers character, I’m gonna destroy yours. And that’s why she won’t say a name. She’s full of shit. She knows if she keeps things general and up for assumption she’s gonna get her pity party.”

Kodak would again elaborate while on his IG live. He said, “That bitch was not talking about me, period. Bitch ain’t got no kinda screenshot, no kinda nothing that say I was tryna text a bitch, or I was tryna get some pussy, or I was tryna be on any of that shit homie, any of that shit boy. And keep it Z homie, I been had that number years ago, I been hollering at that shit years ago before that shit was even popping like that. So kill that shit.”

Kodak Black says Latto is definitely not talking about him, so why even speak up playboy?

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