Nas Sued For Sharing Photo With 2Pac

Nas Sued For Sharing Photo With 2Pac

Photographer Al Pereira has struck again, but this time around it wasn’t a Jenner, or Kardashian. The legendary NY emcee“Let’s All Evolve Together”: Nas Calls for Unity in Hip-Hop is being sued for sharing a photo of himself, Redman and Tupac on IG. Nas supposedly re-uploaded the photograph to his Instagram account in 2020. The issue is, Pereira owns the copyright of the image. 

In a lawsuit filed in February, Pereira insists that the value of the photo diminished after the rapper posted it. He is seeking compensation for damages, as well an injunction for using his copyrighted work. 

In 2017, Al Pereira filed a lawsuit against Kendall Jenner for unlawful use of photos of Biggie and 2Pac. She was planning to use the photos for a clothing brand but, was halted by the photographer. According to TMZ, Jenner countersued the photographer claiming the lawsuit was frivolous and was simply a cash grab. Her team claimed Al Pereira and his lawyers were simply “trolls” who had filed more than 450 copyright lawsuits since 2015. 

This image is rumored to be one of the only photos of Tupac and Nas together. Ironically, the photographer at the time claimed Nas was actually ruining the shot because he was relatively unknown back then. He had only wanted  pictures he could “sell to the magazines” which then didn’t include the young rapper. It’s going to be interesting to see how lawsuit #534 turns out. I think it’s actually crazy how one can sue someone for posting a picture of themselves. 

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