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Snoop Dogg Doesn’t Hate Suge Knight

Snoop Dogg on his relationship with Suge Knight: “I never hated him and he never really hated me. How could you hate me when I made you $100 million and how could I hate you when you help me build a team to beat my murder case. I didn’t forget about that. It’s a give and take thing. I always have a open heart for him.”

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Hit And Run Victim Won’t Snitch on Suge Knight

“I don’t want it to get misconstrued that I told on this man. I’m no snitch. I will not be used to send Suge Knight to prison.” Cle “Bone” Sloan, the surviving victim of Suge Knight’s fatal hit and run, refuses to cooperate in court. Do you think Suge used scare tactics behind the scenes?

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