The Firm’s ‘The Album’ Turns 18 Years Old Today

The Firm:The Album cover art
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The 90’s was quite a pivotal time for hip hop culture, and supergroups were one of the most thrilling epidemics that rap fans could experience when it came to the music front. If you’re a 90’s rap fan, today is an important day in history, as The Firm’s The Album celebrates its 18th anniversary. Nas, AZ, Nature, and Foxy Brown were huge forces to be reckoned with when it came to their lyrics, with their union as The Firm making them near-unstoppable. With their first debut as a group coming onto Nas’ It Was Written track, “Affirmative Action,” fans of The Firm were itching for more from the four power house MC’s. On October 21, 1997, after building up a huge hype, the group finally released The Album to the public.

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The 18-track project consisted of different combinations between the four artists, with Nas and AZ being two of the more prominent duo’s heard. Foxy became a staple member, being the only woman in the group, still keeping up bar-for-bar with her fellow Firm rhymers. The group saw a slight decline when it came to the hype matching the content of the album, but the project did reach no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 charts. Their main single, “Phone Tap” did pretty high numbers as well, which sampled “Petite Fleur” by Chris Barber’s Jazz Band. After the release of the album, the group fizzled out and went their separate ways, with Nas being possibly the most successful of the four members, even to this day. The group hasn’t reunited in years, although every rumors have surfaced numerous times that they will come together for a performance. Hopefully one of these years, The Firm will hit the stage together one more time.

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