The Game’s Brother Hints at Game & Diddy Romance

The Game’s Brother Hints at Game & Diddy Romance

Big Fase 100 and his younger brother, rapper The Game have not maintained a cordial relationship for many years now. According to The Game’s comments, money caused the separation between the two brothers. The Game appeared on the Drink Champs podcast last weekend where he explained the state of his relationship with his brother. The Game revealed that he’s been maintaining a friendly attitude towards his brother, Big Fase. 

After Game’s comments on the podcast, Big Fase posted a picture on Instagram which he deleted afterward. The picture revealed that Diddy and Game’s relationship is more than a mere friendship relationship. Furthermore, Big Face’s post suggested that Game’s “street credibility” was not what gave him an opportunity in the rap industry. 

Game & Diddy Romance, Or Hate?

The post’s caption read, “Maybe it wasn’t my street credibility.” The post featured a picture of Diddy hugging Game from behind. This suggested that Diddy’s relationship with Game is much more than a mere friendship. 

Veteran rappers have over time expressed their concern about Diddy’s sexuality. 50 Cent expressed in 2018 that Diddy’s sexuality is complicated.  In 2014, 50 Cent accused Diddy and Snoop Dogg of practicing homosexuality secretly. 

When interviewed in 2015 by TMZ, Game confessed to buying Diddy a Ferrari. “I ran with Diddy before I ran with Dre,” Game told TMZ. “I was running around with Diddy, but we never like, you know, struck…we never worked on an album or nothing, so I didn’t sign to Diddy, So, when I told Diddy that Dre was trying to sign me, Diddy was like, ‘go do your thing, man.’ And so…that ended up being my whole career. So I was always grateful to Diddy didn’t like, do no bullsh*t. So, I feel like I owe Diddy something, so I bought him a Ferrari man! It was just a Tuesday.”

Big Face deleted his post very shortly after he posted it on Instagram. Can you infer that Big Face – being the older brother of Game – might know more about Game and Diddy that fans do not know about?

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