Drake Purchases $70 Million Mansion, Laughs At Forbes

Drake Purchases $70 Million Mansion, Laughs At Forbes

After finding his position on the Forbes list laughable, Drake‘s latest flex lets us see why this may be so. After constructing a 50,000 square in April of 2020, the rappers latest purchase is most certainly one to marvel over. For around the tune of $70 Million dollars, Drake reportedly purchased English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams’ Tuscany-style Beverly Crest mansion, which was privately listed for $85 million.

Boasting 10 Bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, an 11-car garage, an elevator, wine cellar and more, the estate is one of the most exquisite properties in the city of Los Angeles. The 25,000 square feet house also comes equipped with a gym, elevator, tennis court and outdoor kitchen. With over 22 acres of land and absolutely stunning views overlooking L.A.’s skyline, the property was one of the biggest, most expensive on the private market. 

Drake’s New $70 Mansion

As stated, the home once belonged to English Singer Songwriter Robbie William who had listed the house for far more than what Drake paid for it. Sources say the deal should close around the mid-$70 Million dollar range. According to Forbes, Drake’s 2021 earnings came it at around 50 Million. However, were not sure if the timing was a coincidence, or if this was just a very expensive flex. But, it is a bit ironic that the news of this purchase came right after Drake posted crying laughing emojis on a post claiming his 2021 income was a mere 50 Million.

Rappers are making ridiculous money nowadays. Although some choose to wear their earnings on their necks and wrists. Others make smarter investments like art and real estate. Good move Drake. Kudos to you!

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