Trey Songz Has Another Accuser, Shows Video Of Sexual Assault

Trey Songz Has Another Accuser, Shows Video Of Sexual Assault

Trey Songz With More Sexual Assault Allegations

Singer Trey Songz has some explaining to do after another accuser claims she was sexually assaulted by the singer. This time it wont be so easy to deny considering there is a video of the incident floating around on the internet. The accusers attorneys have sent Trey Songz a letter suggesting he settle the case out of court. The letter was fired off to Songz and his team Thursday by attorneys George Vrabeck and Ariel Mitchell on behalf of their client, Megan Johnson, who they allege was sexually assaulted by Trey during a party back in August 2013.

Johnson was alleged to be attending an event called “Foxwoods Liquid Sundays with Trey Songz” at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT. This is was there, they claim, that Megan encountered Trey in the VIP tent.

Johnson’s attorney’s say she was having a friend take a picture of her, but in that moment, as seen in the video, Trey came up from behind and pulled her breast out from her bikini top and then chanted “T***ies in the Open” four different times. 

What’s Going On With Trey Songz And The Sexual Assaults

This comes after Podcaster Rory from Rory & Mal Podcast claims that a Surviving Trey Songz documentary would make R Kelly’s documentary look like child’s play. 

“In 15 years or however the fuck long it’s gonna be, that Trey Songz doc is gonna be crazier than the R. Kelly one,” he said in a recent Instagram Live video. “Trey Songz is one of the most nasty, abusive, rapey, beats the shit outta women — like, he is the scum of the fucking Earth. Trey Songz is fucking disgusting.

He added, “His doc is going to surpass — if you ever thought you could surpass an R. Kelly doc, I promise you in 15 years, his doc will. He’s an awful human being. Like, a terrible, terrible fucking human being. And somebody is gonna knock him the fuck out.”

This latest video makes it seem Rory may be onto something. Wow…. What’s happening in this world? This is unbelievable!

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