Trey Songz accused of forced sodomy, Sued for Millions

Trey Songz accused of forced sodomy, Sued for Millions

According to documents filed, and unnamed woman is claiming popular singer Trey Songz went from lover man, to another man, as he allegedly decided he wanted more than “the usual”. The woman, who admits she once had a consensual sexual relationship with the singer, claims he had invited her to a house party in L.A. She states he invited her upstairs for what she thought would be another night of fun for the two, but then claims the singer had other plans in mind. She claims he committed forced sodomy on her, and now she is suing for millions.

$20 Million

As reported by Chris Brown And Trey Songz Don’t Like Their Fans, the unidentified female claims Trey Songz asked her if he could “get that a**”, to which she repeatedly declined. She then claims that against her will, the singer threw her to the ground, ripped off her pants and forced himself inside her anal cavity. She alleges that after numerous requests for him to stop, he ignored her demands and overpowered her until she was subsequently unable to fight him off.

Furthermore, she claims she had a glimmer of hope that what she describes as a “brutal rape” would be over once another party entered the room; but the person left and the alleged torment ensued.  She stated that once she finally got away and grabbed an Uber, the driver noticed she was in distress and drove her to a nearby hospital. Although she didn’t inform police that it was indeed Trey Songz who assaulted her while being treated, she supposedly sustained severe anal tearing that could require surgery.

Trey Songz camp says “Not So Fast”

As a result of her accusations, she has since filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit against the singer.  Her attorneys, Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck say more victims are coming forward everyday claiming to have been sexually assaulted by the singer.

Trey’s camp has fired back and accused her attorneys of tampering with these witnesses. They claim her attorney has been accused of trying to pay another woman to falsely accuse the singer. Sexual assault is a horrible, horrible thing. So if this young lady is being truthful, she of course deserves justice. If this is a manufactured attempt at a cash grab, she also deserves justice in the form of a perjury charge.

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