Royce Da 5’9” Speaks On Giving Up His Biggest Addiction & Being a Black Father In America



Royce Da 5’9”

Source: Instagram @Royceda59

You’re a father and a black man in America. Talk about how’s it been raising your kids in a time where cops have targeted African Americans more than ever to even the water crisis in Flint.

R59: It’s just a lot of worries. It’s a lot of worries and what’s happening is with me, I’m just creating very sheltered kids. Only time is going to tell if that’s a good decision or not, but it’s a decision that I’m making man because I don’t wanna lose them. I don’t wanna lose them in nothing tragic. My kids don’t really go anywhere. They’re not really exposed to a lot of things that I’ve been exposed to. A lot of my fight as a father is to keep them from being exposed to what I had to be exposed to. So they don’t know what it’s like to be poor. They don’t go to the hood. I’m not into that type of shit. A lot of people are like, “Take your kids to the hood!” No, I’m not talking my kids to no hood. They’re gonna be in Farmington Hills. They’re going to talk very proper. They’re going to know how to speak. They’re going to go to good schools and hopefully go to college, and play some sports. [My son] Royce quit basketball. Broke my heart.

Did he just jump into a new sport?

R59: He jumped into music. He’s a producer. He’s really good. He’s really good at making beats. He sings. He’s a really creative kid.

Considering you had several rough patches in your career, how do you prevent him from going down the same route?

R59: You can’t. He’s going to make this own decisions. I’m not going to follow behind him and worry about it. I can’t do that to myself. What I do is I let it navigate itself. If I see things that he does here and there where it’s like I can step in and say something, I don’t, because music isn’t my primary focus, school is. Think about it, man. He’s 18. He could be f*cking president if he wanted to. He doesn’t have to be a recording artist, but if he’s having fun doing that, I’ll let him do it. As long as he doesn’t put it before school.


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