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There is yet another Diddy fallout. The last eight months have seen a complete breakdown of the mogul’s legacy. The videos showing him assaulting Cassie, his ex-girlfriend, the several lawsuits, and the terrifying memories of those who worked under him have made it almost impossible to see him in the same way that supporters used to. It’s the same at Howard University. The entrepreneur’s alma mater chose to revoke the honorary doctorate degree they had given him back in 2014.

The Board of Trustees of Howard University declared their choice on June 7. The board made it very evident that they do not support the crimes Diddy has been charged with and would consequently revoke his honorary doctorate. “Mr. Combs’ behavior, as captured in a recently released video, is so fundamentally incompatible with Howard University’s core values and beliefs,” the statement said. “He is judged no longer deserving of the highest honor bestowed by the institution.” The statement continued by saying that the guy born Sean Combs will not be invited to any special events or celebrations hosted on Howard’s campus.

Howard U says No Diddy

The choice by the board follows a Diddy exposé in Rolling Stone. It clarified a violent incident that reportedly happened on Howard’s campus in addition to outlining some of the mogul’s previously reported accusations. Many students said they witnessed Diddy smack a woman he was seeing at the time and take off his belt. The kids recalled worrying for the woman’s life, but she declined to answer questions. “She would tighten up [when Combs appeared],” one of them said. “He simply has an odd control mechanism. She seemed terrorized to me.”

Howard pride remained with Diddy all through his career. Following his 2022 BET Awards Lifetime Achievement Award, the mogul declared intentions to give the university $1 million. In 2023 he delivered on his word. “As someone who attended Howard University and values the transformative experience of historically Black colleges,” he said in a release. “It is still imperative that we work to preserve and preserve their heritage. The board mentioned him as an example for pupils and commended his kindness. How much a year changes things.

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