Young Dolph Killers Get New Trial

Young Dolph‘s alleged killers have been handed a new trial date, nearly three years after the rapper died.

The trial of Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith for Dolph’s murder was originally scheduled to begin in March. However, it was postponed until June, and has now been put back to September 23. The trial’s continued delay is due to both the prosecution and defense requesting a continuance to allow them to prepare witnesses for court.

Shelby County Judge Jennifer J. Mitchell allowed the motion, but was not really happy.

“As we all know, this case was set for trial today,” she stated in court Monday (June 3). “I was really outraged when the lawyers approached me and asked for a motion to continue this lawsuit.

“I was really hoping to finish this matter this week, but they both emphasized to the court that they wanted to bring in specialists. So I let the continuation to happen.”

R.I.P. Young Dolph

Young Dolph (actual name Adolph Thornton Jr.) was killed in November 2021 when two men exited a stolen Mercedes-Benz and opened fire on a bakery in Memphis, as seen on CCTV. Two additional males have been charged in connection with the killing. Jemarcus Johnson has pled guilty to three counts of being an accessory to the murder but has yet to be sentenced.

Hernandez Govan has also been accused of ordering the homicide, a charge he denies. He is still awaiting his trial date.

Mia Jaye, Dolph’s companion at the time of his death, has expressed dissatisfaction with how long the case has gone on.

“I am fed up. It’s been two years of conspiracy. Two years of unknowing. “Two years of people not communicating properly with you,” she told Rolling Stone last year.

“I wasn’t sure if getting more attention would be beneficial or detrimental, and I wanted to help. I think I tried that, but it didn’t seem to work. It felt like we weren’t taken seriously.”

Jaye’s outrage grew when she learned through the media, rather than from authorities, that the original judge in the case had been ousted by the Tennessee appeals court, which she thought ignored Dolph’s family.

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