The Untouchables: Episode 2 – The Shake Down

The Untouchables – Created by Ish & Tramp

Episode 2 – The Shake Down

After 30 hits the streets to collect his money, he runs into some trouble with the Vermin. Out numbered 10 to 1, he handles his business until bad luck strikes again and the Lucifer Twins arrive on the scene. They fire upon 30, hitting him dead center, they rob him for his chain and money. But all they wanted unbeknownst to 30 was the chain. Lucky for 30, that Half & Dink showed up when they did, saving 30’s life. But 30 still wounded pretty bad; they quickly call Ish and head out to Glass Manor to meet with the rest of The Untouchables to discuss the situation and to patch 30 up. Xela entering her crib gets an unexpected visitor and is a no- show on the meeting.

Worried that Xela didn’t make it to the meeting and hasn’t been answering her cellie, the crew heads over to her apartment to check on her. They find the door wide open, fresh groceries scattered across the apartment, and it’s obvious signs of a struggle. The only clue, a rare Davidoff cigarette, smoked to the butt but still warm, as Ish picks it up, it starts to bring back some uncomfortable memories for him. The Untouchables move out pounding the pavement and shaking down every corner that’s hot, trying to get some answers on Xela. They find out that the Lucifer twins have put a reward on all their GC chains, think that’s why Xela got picked up; they also get a tip on where Hefty, one of the Lucifer Twins will be tonight!

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