The Untouchables: Episode 1 – A Time To Pay

The Untouchables – Created by Ish & Tramp

Episode 1 – A Time To Pay

After a new regime took over Capital City, the crime rate rose and the poor were left stranded to only rely on The Untouchables for justice. Political corruption and police brutality are at an all time high and a group of local gangs were organized by V.E.R.M.I.N. an evil underworld conglomerate that works hand in hand with the corrupt powers that be. They step on the throats of the good people of Capital City for their own personal gain.  Capital City became a police state where the people struggled to survive. From a project called Glass Manor rose a crew with the strength to stand up and fight to win back the voice of the people. Ishmael, 30, Mr. Dink, Half Dog , & Miss Xela fight together as one to become Untouchable.

The Untouchables created by Tramp and Ish , to create a whole new way to watch and listen to hip-hop art in action.  Through animation and music we take you on a crazy ride of fantasy and reality, to Unfold the lives of these five underground heroes in a world not so much different then your own but with a twist of sci-fi. So sit back, buckle up as you watch and interacte with the hottest hip-hop cartoon on the streets, and maybe one day you to can be Untouchable!

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The Adventures of the Untouchables

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