Tyrese Claims DMX as Brother



“We’ve never told anyone…… But DMX is actually my older brother….. Different mother same father…. Ha!”

Tyrese posted the above status update to Facebook late last month, setting fans to wonder if he was just joking around or if he’s being genuine with the info. Some believed him outright, others reacted just like DMX did when hearing that a guy named “Barack Obama” was running for president.

Neither Tyrese nor DMX have commented further, leaving us with nothing but speculation. Some Google research reveals that Tyrese was fathered by Tyrone Gibson while DMX’s father was named Joe Barker. Unless there’s some more information thta Tyrese and DMX are keeping from us, this would seem to confirm that it was something of an early April Fool’s Day Joke. That didn’t keep fans from believing it, though, considering…

They Don’t Look That Dissimilar

DMX and Tyrese share a strong jawline and cheekbones, similar body types, sharply arched eyebrows and even similar hairlines. If you saw them walking around together and didn’t know who they were, you might easily assume they were brothers.

Both Had Absentee Fathers

Tyrese and DMX were both raised by single mothers. If you don’t know where your father is, then there’s no telling whether or not he’s starting another family.

They Were Born 8 Years Apart

DMX was born in New York, Tyrese in LA. It’s not inconceivable that a shared father could have relocated given eight years.

Given that a Google search returns two different fathers and that the post was so close to April Fool’s Day, this is probably one of those Too Weird To Be True things.

In any event, expect to see Tyrese in the seventh Fast and Furious flick next year, while DMX has supposedly been working with Swizz Beats and Dame Grease on his upcoming eighth studio album. The rapper still tours regularly.

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