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After many mishaps in Chiefs Keefs early life it seems that the Chicago native has had very much change of heart. After numerous run-ins with the law and, most recently, the lost of his big cousin “Blood Money ” aka Big Glo, we have noticed a much different person.

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The once gun-totting young man has been showing us a different side in his new music video “Aint Missing You” featuring the talented, Jenn Em. The young emcee expresses that losing someone so close can have a major effect on you. Chief’s video refers to a lifestyle of fancy cars and partying but now all he wishes to do is live life and be there for his family.

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He also lets you know when your grieving over a lost one, the best and most important thing you can do is to keep pushing and reaching those goals of success. If you ever wonder if Chief Keef was to ever grow up and put the BS behind him, I think here is your answer. You can only judge a man by his actions and from this video he ultimately wants change.

As a sidebar note, it appears that he has not one gun in the video. Applaud that man lol. And if you like what you’ve read, applaud and SHARE it!

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