adidas Explains Why James Harden is Worth $200 M



James Hardin may be rumored to be dating reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian, but separate of all the gossip, Hardin is making serious business moves. Recently James Hardin left his long time deal with Nike and signed with adidas for an impressive $200 M.

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According to deal, the 6’5″ Houston Rockets guard will average $16.78 million on the final three years of his deal with the Rockets and $15.38 million annually from Adidas. It has also been alleged that if Harden hits certain benchmarks, it’s possible he will earn more annually from Adidas than the Rockets. Wow, pretty dope for a 26-year-old basketball star. For more details on the story click here.

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What are your thoughts on James Hardin’s deal with adidas? Even though $200 M is a sh*t ton of money, would of you stayed with Nike or gone with the money?

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