Charlamagne Regretful for Exposing Floyd Mayweather’s Reading Ability



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During the red carpet event at the VMAs this past weekend, Charlamange opened up about recently releasing the audio of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr, struggling to read radio endorsements. Charlamagne took responsibility for instigating the release of the audio after 50 Cent released a video on social media challenging Floyd to an ALS/ESL Challenge, where he would donate $750,000 to any charity of Mayweather’s choice if he (Floyd) could read a single page out of  the Harry Potter book series without faltering.

Charlamange, one third of The Power 105.1 Breakfast Club released the tapes on air soon after that. Check out the video below.

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In hindsight I feel a little bad, only because he was recording drops for us,” the Power 105.1personality added. “I guess that was supposed to be a private thing but you can’t unring a bell. My job is to benefit the listeners first and foremost, entertain the listeners first and foremost, and to get ratings. You can’t get ratings without listeners. So I wanna do things that the listeners enjoy even though you may hate me for it or you may love me for that.”

Charlamange also stated as part of his explanation for leaking the tapes,

“I’m a journalist right? I feel like, I wanted to know what 50 was talking about ‘cause I didn’t know,” Charlamagne said. “So when my producer said, ‘Yo, we got audio of Floyd reading.’ I’m like, ‘Let me hear it.’ I listened to it, I’m like, ‘Let’s let the listeners hear this to see if he can read or not.’ That’s the question I asked: ‘Ya’ll think he can read?’ So I just felt like it was something that the listeners deserve to hear. I like to give people context to the content that’s constantly out there.

…And that he did..


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