Chris Rock’s Apology Letter To Will Allegedly Fake

Chris Rock’s Apology Letter To Will Allegedly Fake

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you already know that popular comedian Chris Rock was rocked with a smack by Will Smith

at the just concluded Oscars live award night.. Since the occurrence there has been a worthy buzz all over social media, with almost everyone supporting Will Smith. 

Chris Rock had made a G.I Jane joke about Jada Pinkett who has been battling with Alopecia for a while now. The joke didn’t sit well with Will Smith so he…. Well he smacked Chris Rock right there on the Oscar stage. 

After the ‘biggest moment in television history’ as Chris called it, Will proceeded to win his first Oscar for Best Male Actor. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star apologized to the Oscars and his colleagues on stage with tears, but he never apologized to Chris Rock. 

Earlier today the 29th of March, 2022, Will Smith issued an apology to Chris Rock and the Oscars once again. At the end he mentioned he’s a work in progress; indeed Will looks like he could use some rest for his mental health. 

Chris Rock’s Apology Letter to Will Smith 

After Will’s apology, another apology claimed to be from Chris Rock started to circle the internet. The apology begins with “as a comedian it can be difficult to understand…” 

According to senior film editor of the Hollywood reporter Rebecca Keegan, Chris Rock has not issued any formal apology. So what we see is an internet forged apology probably from want Chris Rock to apologize so badly. 

While the Chris Rocks apology may not have been real, Will Smith smack was real and so was his apology. The whole situation is still playing out, I truly hope that everyone can be friends. This was a bad look all around!

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