Do We Really Care For Another 50 Cent Album? [Op-Ed]

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There was a point when 50 had the game on tilt. Nobody can ever undermine the hunger and success he had since his mainstream inception in 2003. His fiery determination and willingness to grapple with anybody is what made him a supreme competitor in music. But, like with every artist at some point, father time nabs them of their creative juices, leaving their careers on a respirator.

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If you recall, 50 had the streets on lock with Get Rich or Die Tryin’. His unflinching approach and gangsta persona was so appealing to the masses, that we had no choice but to ride with him. Tracks like “Many Men” and “What Up Gangsta” conveyed his ruthless nature. He was a beast and America applauded him for it. Even with The Massacre, his lifespan remained intact because of his sheer hit-making abilities. But, since then, 50  watched his quality dissipate. Curtis was a weak attempt to throw together mainstream records to reach his dying audience. Then, his last two albums displayed an artist who preferred to remain stuck in this archaic   methods and not conform to the new sounds of music. His music sounded dated. “Smoke” sounded like a record he should have kept in the vault in 2007. 50’s penchant for writing hooks will always be recognized, but the Queens rapper needs to be cognizant of the times in music. With his last album Animal Ambition falling short once again, we ponder if he has any juice left in the tank.

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With his last album Animal Ambition falling short once again, we ponder if he has any juice left in the tank.


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