Eminem Disses Caitlyn Jenner In Sway Freestyle

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Eminem is arguably the best rapper ever to many, and Slim Shady flexed his freestyle abilities on a recent trip to Sway in the Morning to promote the soundtrack for the movie Southpaw. As always, the lyricist supreme has a few controversial name-drops that are bound to make headlines. After the freestyle was finished, Em didn’t hesitate to remind listeners he actually went off the dome rather than coming prepared with a pre-written. Watch the video and check out some of our favorite bars below.
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On Caitlyn Jenner:

This a true statement, I see the btch in you, Caitlyn
I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s d*ck
No disrespect though, not at all
No pun intended, that took a lot of balls

On Miley Cyrus:

I’m a regular Hyde and Jekyll
White with freckles but I silence hecklers
You might wanna head for the fire exits
I’m coming through like a wrecking ball
You would swear I think highly of Miley
And I respect her, the way I backhand her

On Aaron Hernandez, Amanda Bynes:

Hands is down my pants as I fantasize taking advantage
Of Brandy and Janet by grabbing my Spanish Fly
Like a blind Hispanic guy with his zipper stuck
Give a f*ck, it’s all part of my grand design
To get Amanda Bynes to come and fucking blow me dandelion
Better watch your step, you ’bout to cross an outlandish mine
I’m what you get if Aaron Hernandez rhymed

On Donald Trump:

I’m f*cked worse than Donald Trump
On Lexapro in Mexico across from a Texaco in McDonald’s drunk
Broke and out of gas, busted water pump
Getting fondled up by Ronald, feeling him on his rump
Oh yeah, and me and Alyssa Milano hump

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