FASHION KILLAH: Studys Says Wearing Designer Labels Will Get You Your Dream Job

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When going for that new job, we always make sure our look is on point. Crisp white shirt, tailored blazer, shinny shoes, etc.- but apparently based off of research wearing high-end designer brand names is an effective way to get you to stand out amongst others? A recent study by the Journal of Business Research concluded that by wearing familiar high-end brands lead to “preferential treatment” while interviewing. In a three step experiment the study found that a majority thought highly of those who displayed their wealth and status in how they dressed. I guess that kinda makes sense? The study also explained that wearing expensive branding is beneficial in receiving charity…HUH!? According to the study, people are much more likely to give you hand if you look like you don’t need it.

This study kinda throws us, here at HHMW off. We’re sure theirs strong reasoning and layers of psychological explanation for this, but what about the idea of coming across to flashy or boisterous in an interview/meeting? Or what if your super qualified for the job and don’t have the funds to spend on designer gear?

Let us know your thoughts and if you agree with the Journal of Business Researches study that wearing high-end brands will get you a job?

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