From The A&R’S Desk: The Death of AutoTune?

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In 2009, Jay Z released a record called “D.O.A,” short for Death Of Autotune. In the popular song he rapped:

“This is anti-auto-tune, death of the ringtone/This ain’t for iTunes, this ain’t for sing-alongs”

Was 2009 the death of auto-tune…or just the beginning?

When Hov released “D.O.A.,” T-Pain, hip hop’s go-to guy for hooks at the time caught major slack and took a major hit to his career. Despite selling millions of records and blessing more than a handful of songs, the dreaded crooner’s style of music was frowned upon. In 2009, many thought the auto-tune era was dying down, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.
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If you haven’t been living under rock, you know hip hop is more autotuned out than ever before. Some of today’s biggest young stars in hip-hop, including Future, Fetty Wap, & Rich Homie Quan continue to consistently drop banger after banger featuring the popular voice effect.
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Do you think Jay Z envisioned auto-tune reaching this level of cultural relevance in hip hop? Was 2009 the death of auto-tune or was the effect simply on life support and has since been revived?

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