Gucci Mane Tells All In Funny New Interview

Gucci Mane is the definition of a folk legend. The ATL rapper has spent a majority of the past decade in jail, but still serves as one of this generation’s most influential rappers. The Trap Lord recently sat down with XXL from jail for an interview and furthered his legendary reputation. Read the DOIN LINES tidbit below.

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1. I’m most proud of SIGNING YOUNG THUG TO 1017.

2. The first thing I’m gonna do when I get out is GET SOME P*SSY.

3. The biggest surprise to me lately has been SOFT-ASS RAPPERS TALKING SHIT NOW THAT I’M IN JAIL.

4. I’ve written 100 SONGS OR MORE while I’ve been in jail.

5. The person who held me down the most since I’ve been locked up is KEYSHIA DIOR.

6. Keyshia Dior is MY GIRLFRIEND.

7. My dream collaboration would be with EAZY-E.

8. When I was locked up with Young Scooter, WE USED TO READ THE BIBLE.

9. I don’t like SNITCH NI**AS.

10. My ice cream cone tattoo is TRENDSETTING.

11. LOSING $200,000 IN VEGAS was the biggest mistake I ever made.

12. The next big artist that will come out of Atlanta is WHOEVER I CHOSE TO WORK WITH UPON RELEASE.

13. The future of 1017 will include TODD MOSCOWITZ.

14. The craziest rumor about myself I ever heard was I GOT BEAT UP WHEN I’M 187 AND 0.

15. The best advice I got from my mom was WHEN TAKING FOOD OUT OF A LION’S MOUTH, DON’T SNATCH IT, EASE IT OUT.

16. The biggest thing I learned not to do in hip-hop is OFFEND ANYONE THAT CAN HURT YOU.

17. I’m done with DRINKING CODEINE COUGH SYRUP forever.

18. I really miss RECORDING.


20. THINKING ‘BOUT MY BAD-ASS B*TCH is the key to getting in shape.

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