J Cole Visits Site Where Michael Brown was Shot Down,Pays Homage to Slain Teen

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J Cole took to the streets of Ferguson Missouri to show his support for those protesting the death of slain teen Michael Brown, who was shot down by a local police officer on Saturday, August 9 2014. While visiting the location of where Michael Brown was gunned down, J Cole met with Capt.Ron Johnson to get a few answers as to what can be done to move forward and to help keep the peace. Protesters immediately took to Twitter ( the most trusted news source ) and began praising J Cole’s effort in showing support to the community.


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 Many people have criticized the role rappers/artists have had in this situation, implying that no one has really stepped up to show a unified presence and support in wake of this tragedy. David Banner , who has been very vocal about the shooting made an appearance last week on CNN to touch on sensitive topics concerning what should be explained to young African American teens about their safety when engaging officers of the law. Since then, several celebrities have spoken out about the shooting, expressing their support, feelings, frustrations and sometimes  anger for the ongoing violence against unarmed black men.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

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New information has since then been released regarding the shooting including pictures of the accused officer as well as the autopsy by Dr. Michael Baden, confirming the cause of death. The Brown family’s attorney says that the report shows enough information to charge officer Darren Wilson who was responsible for the deadly shooting.

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Source: Facebook



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