Jeezy Announces His Next Album Will Be His Last

Jeezy Announces His Next Album Will Be His Last

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Today, March 23, marks the last day of Jeezy’s Cold Summer Tour with Tee Grizzley, but it may mean more than just the end of this particular string of concerts. Yesterday, Jeezy took to Twitter to announce a pretty monumental development in his career, and it may upset a lot of his fans.

In the tweet, Jeezy takes a moment to reflect on how far he’s come, then announces the title of his upcoming album: Thug Motivation 104: Trust Ya Process… But that isn’t all. The Snowman adds that the fourth installment of his Thug Motivation series will be his last album. See the tweet for yourself below:

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Before anyone gets too concerned, Jeezy has only said that this is his last album, so the potential still remains for him to feature on fellow artists’ tracks and drop mixtapes at will. It’s unlikely that Jeezy will remove himself from the rap game completely, considering how he’s expressed his intention for guiding and inspiring underprivileged youth through the means of music in an interview on Everyday Struggle. With his skill on the business side of the game, Jeezy will likely continue to be a mentor for budding artists.

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In fact, Jeezy launched a mentorship program last year in collaboration with Tequila Avion. The program came in the form of a nationwide radio competition that would result in a winner getting special access and mentorship from Jeezy. The winners of the competition were Mikke Ripper and Brandon Howard. Here’s what Jeezy had to say about the program in an interview with XXL:

”Basically, I partnered with Avion, I do a lot of community service work things, of that nature. So, it was important for me to give back to the community in this way because a lot of this [music] is about information and knowledge in this game we in. I’ve been blessed to be in it a little over 10 years and you get smarter every year with this and sometimes it’s about giving some of that information and knowledge to the youth, the up and coming cats. There’s a lot of things that they shouldn’t have to go through that you already kind of went through for them, so you gotta kinda lead them in the right direction.”

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Counting his independent and collaboration albums, TM104 will be his 13th album. He started his career off back in 1998 when he launched his record label CTE World, also known as Corporate Thugz Entertainment, which is an imprint under the Warner Music Group. Aside from that, Jeezy is also the leader of the southern hip-hop group United Street Dopeboyz of America (U.S.D.A.).

There’s no word on the release date of TM104 yet, but keep your eyes on Jeezy’s accounts for further updates. Let us know how you feel about Jeezy’s announcement in the comments below, and don’t forget to SHARE this article!

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